Standard 2 Biochemistry Links

–Standard 2: Biochemistry Links–1. Molecular Expressions: website features acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. I enjoy the “Power of Tens” applet. It soars through space starting at 10 million light years away from the Milky Way down through to a single proton in Florida in decreasing powers of ten (orders of magnitude), exploring the use of exponential notation to understand and compare the relative size of things in our world and the universe. It can help you review the levels of biological organization.2. Biology Active Learner: website has an animated tutorial explaining the types of chemical bonds.

3. Properties of Water animated tutorial:
This website has a nice animated tutorial that explains how hydrogen bonding occurs between water molecules.

4. 2 Interactive Self-Test on Prentice Hall’s website: in web code: cba-1020 to access self-test.
5. North Harris College Biology Animations: website has animations showing dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis of carbohydrates and proteins.6. Lubey’s BioHelp:!/biochem.htmThis teacher’s website provides excellent resources for learning about various topics such as biochemistry, photosynthesis, genetics, classification, and physiology. Resources include study guides, notes, review questions, etc.7. Wisconsin Online: website has a tutorial on carbohydrates.8. Wisconsin Online: website has a tutorial on lipids.9. Wisconsin Online: website has a tutorial on proteins.10. John Kyrk’s website: website has an interactive animation of DNA anatomy.11. Sumanas: animation shows how heat changes (denatures) protein structure in an egg.12. Enzyme Animation: flash animation of enzymes discusses activation energy, the lock and key model, and how pH can affect enzyme function.